Free Financing from Chrysler 

Free Financing from Chrysler

Planning to buy a new vehicle? You might want to take advantage of the zero percent financing deals being offered by our automakers.

Chrysler has replaced its employee-discounts-for-all-buyers promotion with an offer of zero percent financing for up to six years on all 2006 models. The new discount plan starts Friday and is intended to clear the lots of 2006 cars and trucks to make room for 2007 models.

Ford has likewise launched a similar program last week on remaining 2006 Ford, Mercury and Lincoln cars and trucks. Ford's deal runs up until Tuesday. Not too fond of Ford? Well there’s General Motors – which enhanced its own zero-interest loans deal on 2006 and 2007 vehicles this week with additional cash ($500 to $1,500) on many vehicles. GM's program also runs through the Labor Day weekend.

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